It is often baffling to see your car looking dull and dirty, particularly when you want to go to some important place and have no time to clean your car. That is the point at which you understand the significance of your car cleaning and maintenance. Cars are not only a mode of transportation, it also speaks about a person. Who will want to ride a dirty and dull car? For many of us, car washing is not a priority. It is something we do before going to some place. The fact of the matter is getting a regular wash will improve the performance of your car.

After our inception in the car cleaning industry, searching for a quality car cleaning solution has become simple. CarSPArk is a quality auto cleaning facility which employs only highly trained and experienced technicians who are specialized in this field. CarSPArk is a prompt and convenient car cleaning service which fills the need of the fast paced society we all live in, where people need their car cleaned in the shortest conceivable time by experts. At CarSPArk, we offer our service to the cars and bikes of all brands.

We guarantee customers with a fantastic service, value for money, superb and steady results. We care and assure you an excellent car cleaning experience while enhancing your experience of driving.


CarSPArk is committed to offer the best and flawless cleaning service to the clients in a timely manner. We are a specialised car care center with Sample car parking and 5 car bays,with sufficient space to deal with your beast. Made by industry leading manufacturer, we use Karcher machines for cleaning services. To maintain a strategic distance from the dust from other cars, each car is worked in a closed environment each divided from the other by a softwall. Each bay is lit with sufficient LEDs to highlight even the minute of foreign particle on the car that has to be removed.

With the state of art indigenously built pit system to clean the under-chassis, even the smallest of dust cannot imagine itself to stay once the gun is on. We have waterwash as well as Steam wash based on the choice of customers and their car. There is a customer lounge with TV to unwind oneself when the car is being pampered by our experts.


CarSPArk was established by Mr.Ramesh Kumar, a young entrepreneur who did his Engineering from CEG between 2005-2009 and went onto complete MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai in 2012. Worked with some of the industry leading companies like CTS, J.P.Morgan, Indiabulls, VistaMind & TnQ, he was not content with a 9-6 employment. Then he started exploring his premiums and started concentrating on his interest and that's when CarSPArk was born with a unique blend of his nature of attention to detail and passion for Cars.

Like Salon, Spa, Makeup for human, it is a one stop place for Cars-Wash, Polish and Accessories. We bring extensive variety of accessories to your car so that as an individual you choose the one that suits your choice. With the state of art cleaning, polishing and detaining process, we promise to bring back the lost life to your car and make it look new.


The vision of CarSPArk is to provide top quality cleaning services. We aim to focus on customers, growth, innovation and efficiency to become a leader in the car washing and polishing and accessories field. We are committed to provide value to our individual customers. We take our responsibilities seriously and take all necessary steps to improve our quality, performance and strive for the development of our organisation and succeed in the industry.